Okay, my turn for a heartwarming Homestuck story:

So on saturday of CTcon, this little girl came up to me and a couple of other homestucks are hanging out on the second floor.  She was interested in our outfits and asked what they were.  None of the others knew how to explain homestuck to such a young girl, but me with my love of kids couldn’t resist.  I knelled down, as karkat and introduced myself as a troll from outer space.  She asked if we were aliens and i said that we were as alien as she was.  She giggled and called me a cat cause she couldn’t remember the full name karkat.  I introduced gamzee as my silly clown friend who likes pie, sollux as a cool troll who likes computers and bees, and feferi as the troll princess.  She liked feferi the most.  i asked the little girl if she was a princess and she said yes.  I got up, took my friend poots dressed as calliopes horns after introducing them to each other and put them on the little girl with her consent.  I had the feferi dub her in as the new troll princess and she took off the horns, gave them to calliope and hugged me.  She said i was her favorite cat.

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