Horn Tutorial for Homestuck Trolls


From the lovely Lindsey Stone:

Hello ladies! I think both of you quiried at some point about how to make troll horns, and I wanted to get you both. I keep not having time to write this out! But basically what I found worked very well and was light weight was using a base of model magic (crayola brand). It dries very hard and is rather sturdy, and is very light. If you alow it to dry for longer than the recommended amount of time (2 days or so) it dries hard enough to sand, so you can smooth them out (which is something I didn’t have the time, at the time, to do.)

For horns such as Gamzee or more complicated shapes like Aradia or so, you may want to make some wire structure to support the model magic while you are molding it.

When it comes to getting the color right, I found I basically just sat next to my computer with a reference picture up and worked with mixing yellow and a dark orange. I did the brightest, yellow parts first in a generaly coat, and depending on your steadiness of hand, either just paint a neat line or tape off the yellow you want to keep with painters tape, and paint the next sections of orangey yellow, then orange.

To seal the paint, protect it from the grey that will in fact get everywhere, and give the horns a subtle sheen, I then dipped the horns in Modge Podge, a kind of white glue. It will look VERY alarming as it appears white, but even thick layers will try to complete transparency with time. To avoid any evidence of paint strokes or the like, I dip them, holding them by the base, and then set them upright on wax paper or hand them over newspaper in whatever method works best for you.

In addition, as far as attached them to your head goes, there’s several methods and different horns may need different methods to work. For our first time around, I personally used bobby pins hot glued to the bottom of the horns on the advice of a friend, but this failed more often than not upon trying to stick the bobby pins into a wig.

The improvement on this is a method from another friend, who suggested taking a heavy gauge wire and essentially making a very flat spiral on the bottom of the horn, with the wire lodge in the horn on one end, and the other free, that you then ‘screw’ into your wig.

Yet another friend glued cut lengths of drinking straws (two of them) to the botton of her horns and ran black narrow ribbon through them, and then tied the whole thing to her head. This was for vriska horns and worked very well for the horns on the side of the head.

All in all this is just one method, and I hope some of the things we’ve tried out might be helpful to you! I definitely recommend using Model Magic, though. Its light, sturdy, very easy to paint, and will withstand some knocking around.

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